Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Powell

Missing teeth are attributed to oral complications or extraction. If left unaddressed, a gap in your smile also leads to misalignment or infection of nearby teeth. Within a year of losing a tooth, an average of a quarter of your jawbone density can be lost and require further intervention by an oral surgeon.

Dental implants are regarded as the most comprehensive option to restore missing teeth. These restorations are designed to imitate the original tooth. Due to this, implants are more comfortable and require less management over time compared to less-invasive treatments. The results feel natural and are maintained just like you would care for your original arches of teeth. With a combination of our expertise and regular visits to our practice, implant devices can last up to a lifetime.

What Does a Dental Implant Include?

The process of implant treatment involves placing a high-quality artificial tooth into the jawbone. Patients experiencing a gap in their smile are potential candidates to receive dental implants. Our team of specialists considers several factors before customizing treatment plans. 

For those interested in dental implants, our dentist conducts a comprehensive examination to find out if patients are eligible. Some qualities checked for during the exam are:

Gum health – You gums easily integrate metal posts when they are in good condition. 
Adjacent teeth – Nearby teeth should be adequately maintained before and after any operation.    
Spacing requirement – The new crown restores alignment; tilted teeth must be previously addressed.   
Jaw Bone density – Jawbones are the base for your entire smile and stabilize both teeth roots and implant posts.   

What You Can Expect During Placement 

We utilize our in-office 3D scanner to create a precise visual formation of your smile. The images allow our specialists to create accurate prosthetics anchored to the posts. Modern materials look natural and restore full function, improving the ability to chew and speak. The entire procedure is reviewed beforehand to make the whole treatment as comfortable as possible.

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Never wait to replace a tooth that has been lost. We belong to a sizable network of specialists with connections to local oral surgeons ensure that you receive the treatment you need promptly, including implants. Call today to schedule your initial consultation for dental implants and establish a healthier smile for your future!

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