Emergency Dentistry

Call our office immediately at (865) 409-0589 or visit your local hospital after hours if you, or a family member, is experiencing a dental emergency. 

Dental Emergencies

Sudden trauma to your smile is considered a critical situation. The extent of the damage can vary and is often visible only through internal scans like digital X-rays. Some conditions seen as “minor damage” to patients can lead to serious issues and should never be overlooked.  When experiencing any of the following symptoms, call Knoxville Dental Center for the next available appointment to preserve the integrity of your teeth:

Tooth loosened or knocked out
Fractured tooth
Gum or cheek cut
Severe pain or swelling in the jawline
Abnormal bleeding
An emergency visit

Preparing for a Dental Emergency

Expecting the unexpected is part of being a dentist. We encourage all our patients to have a similar mentality and keep items like a clean container and first aid kit readily available at home and on the road for emergency situations. Issues involving oral structures can be painful and can lead to infections and affect our overall health. There are now ADA-approved Save-a-Tooth emergency preservation kits readily available that can make a difference between permanent damage and a close call. 

We are Here to Help

The Knoxville Dental Center team are a part of an extensive, skilled network of oral surgeons and dental specialists able to complete a multitude of procedures. Regardless of the extent of the issue, our patients know that our center has their needs in mind and only refers out if necessary. We take the time to make sure the patients we serve are given premier, right care to ease any stress during dental emergencies.

Ask the Knoxville Dental Center Team

Have a conversation with us in on how to prepare for emergencies and the best ways to prevent dental injuries during your next check-up or procedure.

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