Cosmetic Dentistry at Knoxville Dental Center

Our staff at Knoxville Dental Center wants you to feel confident with your smile. This can be difficult when experiencing cosmetic flaws, such as discolorations, chips, and cracks. Our Knoxville dental team provides treatments that enhance the appearance of your teeth to worry less about your aesthetics.

With our attention to detail and personable approach, we make sure to meet patients’ needs while exceeding their expectations with our quality dental care.

Our Cosmetic Dental Services

We have five convenient locations where you are met by a friendly staff committed to helping restore your smile. Our dentists first diagnose existing issues before recommending treatment. Our team will sit with you, to discuss your dental goals and the cosmetic services to meet them.

Your plan may include any of the following services:

Composite Fillings are used to seal cavities created by tooth decay and prevent bacteria from entering the tooth’s inner structures. These restorations shield the tooth from harmful microbes while blending in with surrounding teeth to create a uniform appearance.

Teeth whitening eliminates the discoloration that lies on the surface of the enamel. Our Powell dental office provides you with custom-made trays to evenly distribute the bleaching agent. This take-home treatment allows you to brighten your smile at your own pace.

Porcelain Veneers conceal dental imperfections such as chips, cracks, undersized teeth, and stains beneath the enamel. Our dentist applies these thin shells of porcelain to the surface of your teeth to create a luminous smile.

Aesthetically-minded restorations are expertly crafted within by a trusted dental lab. Your prosthetic is shade-matched with neighboring teeth to ensure it blends flawlessly. Before patients obtain their permanent teeth replacement, they receive a natural-looking temporary.

Invisalign® clear aligners correct mild to moderate cases of malocclusion by gently shifting teeth into improved positions. These invisible appliances are fabricated from translucent materials to remain undetected by others.

At Knoxville Dental Center, your comfort is our top priority. We make sure you understand the treatments you are receiving and why we have recommended them.

Enhance Your Smile at One of Our Five Convenient Locations

  • Hardin Valley
  • Powell
  • Fountain City
  • Tazewell Pike
  • Oak Ridge

We are a conservative practice, never advising patients to undergo procedures that won’t help you achieve ideal oral health and meet your dental ambitions.

Find out more about what cosmetic dental services we provide to improve the aesthetic and health of your smile. Our group of dentists and their teams make every effort to provide top-notch dental care that surpasses your expectations. 

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